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Legendary Retribution
CP Reminder!
Oct 21, 07 11:42 AM
Game News

Welcome to Legendary Retribution

LR has been through many changes and will continue to evolve and progress.  If you are interested in a family friendly environment and enjoy questing and a more casual raiding style (1 or 2 Guild raids a week) then we are definitely interested in working with you!

Life has many wonderful things to offer and WOW is certainly one of them, but being a member of LR should not be a second job.  While we seek to do end-game instances, we do not require that you spend ridiculous hours online raiding till the wee hours every night, in the hopes that that one special item may drop.  If you feel the same way, then LR just might be what you are looking for. 

We believe that while WOW is fun, it is really only one of the many cool things life has to offer.  So chill out, enjoy the game, keep things in perspective, and lets kill them before they kill us!!

Happy Hunting!

Leondalus and ZZ,  GMs

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CP Reminder!

538598318_Inactive, Oct 21, 07 11:42 AM.
Members are expected to import their character data onto the web page using Character Profiler.  There are updating instructions on the Roster page as well as in the forums.  CP is a requirement for all members, so that we can communicate more effectively with one another.
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